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Soul to Soul


Soul to Soul has been entertaining audiences in the Houston area for over 10 years. Versatility and excellence are their hallmarks. They are outstanding musicians and their synergy is unparalleled. Come to a live performance and experience music that feels good -- Soul to Soul.

Alan LeeAlan Lee -- Guitar, Vocals
Alan's signature guitar style combines the best aspects of lead and rhythm simultaneously with mood altering techniques that make something truly special of every note.  Alan's simplicity, even on lightening fast solo runs, amazes audiences.  His intensely moving passages pierce deep, soar high, or rock hard effortlessly.

Secondly, Alan is a singer whose vocal textures connect to the musical message in such a meaningful manner that audiences are compelled to listen.  At times romantic, at times playful, at times dejected or wounded, Alan focuses on the feeling that transcends words.

Last, but not least, Alan is a songwriter.  When Alan performs his original material, it competes on an equal basis with the popular covers he plays; yet the tunes are fresh with a sincere and unique perspective from his own life experiences.

Alan Lee, a veteran of the Austin and Houston music scene, has over 30 years of experience in rock, blues, soul, funk, and country genres.  His driving guitar rhythms, lead vocals, and unique songwriting style are the force behind the Soul to Soul sound!

Bands:  Gayle and the Hurricanes, All Most Mad, Southern Heritage, Soul to Soul, Martha White and the Lightly Crusted Dough Boys, Sweet Mama Cotton, and many more.  Alan also hosts jam sessions at Twin  Oaks Tavern, The Sunset Grill, and Lynn's Longbranch Saloon.

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Rik PaulRik Paul -- Bass, Vocals
in 1964, Rik Paul saw the Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show and said, "I want to do that!"

 Rik started playing  guitar and piano in 1964.  He added saxophone in 1969, and then bass in 1972.  Rik's first professional gig was playing guitar in a recording session in 1969.  In the mid-eighties, Rik toured with the Band of Fire playing alto sax and keyboards.  Band of Fire was led by Marion Booker, the original drummer for the George Benson Quartet.

In addition to his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, Rik has a reputation as one of the finest sound engineers and electronic technicians in the Houston area.

As an engineer at Rockefellers, he worked with John McLaughlin, Neville Brothers, Edgar Winter with Leon Russell, and many others. He also worked as an engineer at Wunsche Brothers for artists such as Clint Black ("he was unknown and we paid him 20 bucks a night"),   Delbert McClinton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Shake Russell Band featuring Rusty Burns, Bert Wills, and many more.

Rik was  the US MIDI keyboard technician for Jean Michelle Jarre’s “Rendez-vous Houston” music/laser extravaganza in Downtown Houston, specializing in the “Laser Harp” and midi marimba.  Is there anything this man can't do?  

Rik joined Soul to Soul in 2011, filling the large shoes of Charles "Neckbone" Murphy, who passed away June 14, 2011.  Those are hard shoes to fill, and Rik does it very well.  He can get down with the funk and groove with the blues!

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GayleGayle Farber -- Keyboards, Vocals
Gayle took a few piano lessons when she was a little girl, but she is mostly self-taught   When her extremely small church needed a piano player, she took over and played for the congregation and was the church pianist for several years.  Later as a teenager, I played piano and organ for a traveling tent revival evangelist.

in 1989, Pearl Murray (Pearl Murray and the Jewels)  ran an ad in the neighborhood paper “The Leader”. It read “Piano Player needed for night club singer."  Gayle  played an old upright out of tune piano and did a some harmony vocals for Pearl at “The Cotton Club” on Ella Blvd. In the Heights.

Pearl Murray became Gayle's mentor and inspiration.  Gayle says, "Pearl turned me on to blues music. I leaned to play a lot of Bessie Smith tunes for her. But I really love female artists like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Bonnie Raitt, Koko Taylor, Etta James, female vocalist with lots of passion in their delivery."

After leaving the Jewels, Gayle was featured in the Ms. D. Meaner band.  Then in the early 1990’s she formed Gayle and the Hurricanes, along with
Alan Lee, Jim Rinke, Mark Stokes and Don Pennington.  During that time, Gayle re-married, had a baby girl and decided to stay home and be a mom for a while.

A few years later,  Gayle played keyboards and sang with various local groups such as The Snider Brothers Band, Rod Woodson, Jeff Griffith and The Taste of Texas Band, and Tommy Buck and Stampede.

Gayle said, "I was playing keyboard for Jeff Griffith and the Taste of Texas band. They had won the “93Q Country Band of the Year” contest shortly before I was hired by them. To fulfill the contest requirements, the band had to perform at several events the radio station sponsored, one being the Houston city annual “Fourth Of July Freedom Fest” concert on Buffalo Bayou. We were the local country band on the bill. Attendance that day was estimated at around 200,000 for the outdoor event. We followed the rock band Steppenwolf and Foghat followed us. The evening headliner was country singer Rick Trevino.  I got his autograph."

Wow!  What a gig!

In 2012, Gayle reunited with her old bandmates Alan Lee and Jim Rinke and joined Soul To Soul. She adds a whole other dimension to the band.  Gayle's powerful and emotional vocal style thrills audiences everywhere she goes.  She makes the blues really come alive!

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Scott GriffithsScott "Scooter" Griffiths -- Drums
Scott has been playing in the Houston area since the 80's and before.  He played in various bands with bassist Frank Brown.  In the 90's Scott played witth a band called The Kiljoys.  Michael "Red Dog" Redmond left the band he was playing in to join the Kiljoys.  Some years later, Scott became the drummer for Red Dog and the Fleas.  Scott joined Soul to Soul in 2012.

His influences include Shannon Brown, Ana Popovic, The Rod Brothers Band, REO Speedwagon, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and others.

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Jim RinkeJim Rinke -- Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Vocals
Jim has performed in numerous jazz, rock, blues, country, and gospel bands since 1972. He has studied with jazz greats including Bob Montgomery, Clark Terry, Gary Foster, Dave Leibman, and Jamey Aebersold. Until 1983 Jim played in the Kansas City area and in various road bands. He has been in the Houston/Galveston area ever since, playing with many local bands including Salty Dog, 1900 Storm, Gayle and the Hurricanes, The Kingpins, Soul to Soul, and Martha White.

Jim has recorded with major artists such as Israel Houghton, Gary Oliver, and Joe Pace and has played shows with Kevin Mahogany, Dianne Reeves and others. His influences include Wilton Felder, Stanley Turrentine, Grover Washington Jr., David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, and Charlie Parker.

Jim enjoys a wide variety of different styles and plays what the style calls for. He can honk Texas blues, rock out, play soothing smooth jazz, or emulate country fiddle parts, and all with a large dose of soul. He plays directly from his heart.

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